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The institute are currently working on several projects. Here we present some of them.


PIDoT - Public Innovation Do Tank.


The new initiative PIDoT (Public Innovation Do Tank) builds on French and Swedish experiences with so called Hacks, where people with different backgrounds meet for a short period of time and produces something together. The goal of the project is to turn PIDoT into an established approach to public sector innovation and to form a network of organisations that can support and perform such.


Contact: Lars Albinsson.

The Noria-Net Citizens' Services project.


This project is a collaboration between Iceland, Sweden, Lithuania, Norway and Estonia, funded by the Nordic Council/Nordforsk and lead by Vinnova. It is aiming at creating a joint research programme, focusing citizen centric services. We help the project by researching the needs of service developers and providers in each country for developing a next generation services that take the starting point in the citizens' situations. Our research approach is using Co-Design workshops to enable a collaborative discussion among key stakeholders. This work is in itself a research project on methodology.


Contact: Lars Albinsson.

The e-Me Project.


A large number of partners including Microsoft, Visa, Intel, Telia, Mecenat, Liber and several universities and others are working together in the design of next generation of internet services based on a common “personal e-service”, the e-Me. The design has been driven by more than a 100 students in Sweden and Spain engaging in co-design workshops with researchers and industry representatives.



During spring 2007 a prototype/pilot was conducted were approx. 140 students was issued with e-Me's. Right now a first production version on the e-Me is developed


Contact: Mikael Lind.

The Co-Design Platforms Initiative.


Partnering with Logica, Micrsoft and others we work to create new ways to collaborate in projects, where projects form online cross-organizational communities, sharing knowledge and other resources. We have so far organized a number of workshops in Sweden, Ireland and US to form a basc theory. Interviews with leading organizers of succesfull online communities has been conducted.


We have published a report on the findings. Creating and Sustaining Successful Knowledge Management in Purposeful Communities


Contact: Olov Forsgren.

Electronic Customer Contact Centers.


Avatars, agents and other technologies are researched as potential online customer assistance. Partners include mail-order companies and other industry.


Contact: Nicklas Salmonson.




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